About Our TV & Film Vehicles

Inspired by cars and vans from the television, our vehicles are as close to the originals as we can possibly get. We spend a lot of time, effort and money on our vehicles and this really shows with the results. From our somewhat basic Trotters Van through to our customised A-Team Van and the real American Police Car we have vehicles to suit almost any retro, tv or film, American or showbiz event.

Read more about each of our cars and vans below and click the link for each one to open up a dedicated website for that vehicle which includes more details and photos for that ride.


ateam van hire uk

The A-Team Van

This is a real GMC van painted in the correct semi-gloss black and grey with the famous red stripe. It has the full bodykit including the flared wheel arches, front sunshade and rear spoiler. The KC spotlights, turbo-vec wheels and BF Goodrich tyres are all correct to the show and have been shipped in the from the USA.

Inside there is a television and DVD player and we have every episode of the A-Team available. The interior is grey with seating for six passengers. We also have the real signatures of Mr T (BA Baracus) and Dirk Benedict (Face)

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trotters van hire

Only Fools & Horses Reliant Van


The yellow Reliant Regal Supervan belonging to Dodgy dealer Del Boy Trotter has got to be one of the most famous TV vehicles ever! Our van is the correct yellow colour (in places!) with the roof rack, Tax Disc in Post sign in the windsreen and even the blow up doll in the boot!

The Only Fools and Horses van has a factory fitted rear seat and can take up to 3 passengers at a squeeze.

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nypd car hire uk

New York City NYPD Police Car

This is a real 2003 American Cop Car which was factory fitted with the GM Police Package which boasts uprated engine, gearbox, suspension and many other improvements required by the Police in the USA. Our Chevrolet Impala has a 3.8 litre V6 engine and the correct, reflective graphics for the NYPD. It also has a genuine push bar on the front, working Federal Signal lights and sirens, parcel shelf lights, grill lights and wig-wag headlights.

Inside there is the original prisoner partition, two way radio and a Panasonic Toughbook laptop which would have been in the car whilst in service.

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checker cab hire uk

Classic New York Checker Cab

One of the most enduring images of New York City, or possibly of the USA is the classic Checker cab. Checker cabs were made by Checker Motors and this once common bodyshape of taxi was produced from 1958 until 1982 with just minor changes as new regulations required.

Our Checker cab is a later 1980 model complete with classic style taxi meter.

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